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Individualized Attention

At SCA, our small class sizes create a successful, structured environment that promotes learning and positive interaction.  Our loving staff is dedicated to serving and teaching each child for their individual educational needs. Screven Christian Academy uses a traditional curriculum.  This classical approach to teaching means our students are always challenged and engaged in the material.

Christ-Centered  Environment

One of our highest callings as a school is to prepare our students to become leaders who make the right ethical and moral decisions within the Christian faith. We seek to serve God by living out our common faith in Jesus Christ.  Our board of directors and teachers strive to bring glory to God by fulfilling our responsibilities with excellence.

Opportunities for Leadership = Student Success

Screven Christian Academy encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities, such as our annual Christmas concert and athletics, as part of their school experience. Students have the opportunity to participate in baseball, softball, cross country, cheerleading, wrestling, shot gun, and basketball.  Our students represent the best of SCA when they take the stage or the field and deserve our support and positive encouragement at each event. The Wildcat school spirit is strong here at Screven Christian Academy. The accomplishments of our teams are a direct result of the leadership, dedication, and skill of our faculty and coaches, and the cooperation of the teachers and families who all work together to promote the Wildcat's programs and activities. Parent volunteers in the Booster Club provide countless hours of time and talent for the benefit of our students. Their efforts make a difference to the quality of our programs.